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A Worse Idea 23

Prometheus came to work bone-tired, sometime in the mid-afternoon. The garage shutter began to rise just as he got within sight of it, and he smiled.

After the nightmare of last night — finding out that Katie had gotten herself into so much trouble — it would be nice to have some peace and quiet. Then, suddenly remembering that he’d hired Anne last night, he tilted his head up so that he might look at the sky. He only really saw the roof of his car, which was less scenic, but the effect was still the same.

He sighed. “Shee-it.”

He really wanted to give Anne a purpose in life, but it was hard as hell to help her when his own life had gotten so crazy all of a sudden. He had to repair the suit, see if he couldn’t figure out what’d happened to Katie. The Metahuman Bureau would probably want a debriefing report,  and that wasn’t even thinking about his insurance rates, which would get jacked up after the way he’d torn up his suit.

Prometheus sighed, driving his car into the shop.

Sharise opened the door to his car, so he stepped out.

“How are things going?” Prometheus asked. He turned and saw Anne sitting at a table, where she was fiddling with a radio.

“Good,” Sharise said. “She’s not getting in my hair or anything, so it’s fine.”

“Sharise said you’d want to know what the police were doing,” Anne explained, “so I fucked with the radio and turned it into a police scanner.”

Prometheus didn’t really know what to say. He turned to Sharise.

“I wasn’t paying attention to what she was doing,” Sharise said. “After the tour, I had to get back to that jizzy shit you wanted me to look at.”

“I can change it back,” Anne said, “It’s not like this is the first time I’ve spied on people… Actually that doesn’t make this situation better, does it?”

Prometheus smiled for a second. He’d listened in on police scanners a lot when he was younger. He remembered getting in trouble for it, too.

“In my defense I have a criminal record so it’s not like this should be a surprise or anything.” Anne took a second to think about what she’d just said. “Can we pretend I didn’t just say that?”

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