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A Worse Idea 22

Randy got back up to his floor and walked out of the elevator. He used the keycard to enter the room where he’d just killed Katie.

It was awkward to cut her skin with a fork and knife, but he managed alright. Took the skin he needed so he could graft it onto himself. He looked at the desk, where a stapler sat. He stuck the skin onto his face, then stapled it in place.

The skin dissolved into his metal face, as did the staples. After a few moments, his skin grew back, cleaner.

He realized, though, that there was a lot of incriminating evidence here: the head without the eyeballs and with a piece of flesh cut off said a lot about who he was. It said too much about what he was after.

So he placed one hand on Katie’s face and the other one on the base of her neck. He pulled the two apart. It was pretty gross, so we won’t get into it.

He then took Katie’s suitcase. Felt an odd pang, as he looked at her clothes.

He wasn’t used to the pang. Hadn’t expected the pang.

He ignored the feeling, placing her super-gross head inside the suitcase. He zipped the suitcase and stood up. Just as he was about to leave the room, he looked at the fries Katie had left behind.

He grabbed one, then left the room.

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