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A Worse Idea 20

Katie relaxed. The visions had abated, which made her smile. No longer did she see visions of herself getting strangled, or run off the road, or what have you.

No, she didn’t see the future at all. She only saw herself, in the reflection of the car’s mirror. She sat at the drive-through of a fast food place, looking to order a cheeseburger.

Her mom had told her long ago that Dad liked fast food. She didn’t know for sure, but in an odd way, it made her feel closer to him.

She ordered the food, drove to the window, picked it up, and drove home.

It’s not like her life was without worry. She was still an assassin, after all, and she was here on a mission.

She took a bite into her burger as she drove back to the hotel she was staying at.

Cheesey, meaty, awesome.

After Prometheus had saved her life, she really owed him, didn’t she? She owed him for more than that, she supposed, but the ‘saving her life’ thing was the most immediately pressing.

She finished the burger and parked her car. Took the fries with her into the hotel, into the elevator.

She should tell Prometheus who she’d come here to kill. Katie hadn’t wanted to do that because then she would get the girl’s backstory — she would have to see her target as a human being.

Katie didn’t want to know this Shade girl. Still, she owed it to Prometheus to let him know.

Maybe I don’t even need to kill Shade, she thought, as the elevator ascended, The Killer’s Gallery has plenty of assassins, and I can let them know that someone is after me.

The Killer’s Gallery would doubtless be displeased about her abandoning the mission, but they’d be even more displeased that someone was going after one of their own.

Yes, Katie decided, she should let Prometheus know that people wanted to kill Shade. She should abandon the mission.

She actually smiled as she opened the door to her bedroom. She set the bag of fries down on the hotel bed, excited to get to them the second she had a chance.

A bullet pierced her skull, tore through her brain.

She collapsed, never getting to the fries.

If only she’d seen it coming, the visions might’ve told her.

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One comment on “A Worse Idea 20

  1. Wow, that’s kinda messed up. I was just starting to get invested in Katie as a character too. This just feels… wrong. It hurts a little lol


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