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A Worse Idea 12

Katie’s eyes fluttered open and closed. She’d been driving down I95 for a while now — too long, given how late it was, given how long it’d been since she’d last gotten sleep.

The cars weren’t zipping past her like they had been, but still, the cars were moving so damn fast. She imagined metal twisting into metal, metal breaking bone. Luckily, that wasn’t a vision she was having, just fear.

Her head hurt like hell, but she’d figured out how to ignore the pain. Her sense were dulled, at this point. The visions would be of no use, anyhow. She saw the pair of headlights in her rearview mirror. They were bright. Looked just like the ones she’d seen in her visions.

She reached into her purse, which lay on the passenger seat. She pulled out her gun.

The headlights moved closer…

Meanwhile, Prometheus flew above I95, scanning for Katie’s car. He spotted it cruising down the highway. He also saw a second car, an SUV, growing closer.

Prometheus’s jet boots spat flame out, another source of light in the night sky. The palms of his gloves did the same. Together, they allowed him to descend.

The SUV grew closer.

Prometheus grew closer.

Katie took a deep breath, one hand on the steering wheel. Her other hand gripped the gun.

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