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A Worse Idea 6

Prometheus left the bar a little bit after that, leaving Anne and Shade alone.

“You doing anything after work?” Anne asked, looking down at her empty drink.

“Probably just passing out,” Shade said. “Things’ve been busy.”

“Yeah,” Anne said, trying to remember the last time she and Shade had hung out outside the bar. “They have been.”

Anne couldn’t just blame Shade, though. She’d been busy too, working on the giant mech. Things were actually going pretty well on that front.

“We should hang out sometime,” Shade said. “This weekend I’ll come over?”

“Yeah, that sounds good.” Anne got up off the bar stool, a little wobbly.

“You didn’t walk here, did you?” Shade asked.


“Alright,” Shade said. “Be careful.”

Anne nodded her head, making her way towards the door.

She wondered if Shade cared.

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