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A Worse Idea 4

Katie wiped a tear.

God, she thought. It’s him.

It seemed so long since she’d last seen Prometheus. He’d visited her a lot as a kid, but she wasn’t a kid anymore. She was a an adult, one who understood herself and her father so much more.

Take, for instance, the reason Prometheus had never been able to find White Tiger, her father. As a kid, it’d seemed so magical. Prometheus was obviously a smart man with a purpose, but it didn’t matter. White Tiger was always a step ahead.

She never connected that to her visions.

She’d had them from a very young age, before something bad would happen. She would see it happening, see the person or thing that was going to hurt her. Sometimes she would manage to avoid it.

Once, when her mother had gotten angry, Katie had managed to hide for hours. Her mom wasn’t even mad when she found Katie, just scared.

But sometimes she couldn’t avoid the bad things. Sometimes they just caught up with you, like bad things did.

Sitting in the restaurant of the hotel, just far enough away from Anne, Prometheus, and Shade to avoid notice, Katie shook her head.

My father always saw you coming, she thought, looking at Prometheus. She wished she’d known Prometheus was friends with Shade. Katie wouldn’t have accepted the mission to kill Shade, if she’d known.

But Katie’s visions only warned her when she was threatened. That didn’t work for this situation.

Prometheus wasn’t the threat, nor was Shade. Katie was.

Sorry, Prometheus, Katie thought, but your friend has to die.

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