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A Worse Idea 3

“It happened fast,” Prometheus said. “Too fast. When he entered the room, I figured he had a meeting with the mayor. So many mayors have their pet metahumans, the ones who help with crime rates, or political espionage.”

Prometheus took yet another sip of his drink. “I only saw the mayor for a second. It looked like White Tiger’s foot merely tapped the guy’s face. But the mayor’s head snapped back so violently. White Tiger left the office, making sure to close the window again. He scaled his way up to the roof. By the time he made it to the top, I was standing there, ready to stop him.”

“Did you?” Shade asked. She wondered who she was rooting for in this story.

Anne didn’t have to wonder; she wanted White Tiger to win.

“I had him on brute power, because of the suit,” Prometheus said. “He was more nimble, but I had him for a moment. I had him. Figured I’d won, my arm around his throat, consciousness slowly draining from that killer’s eyes.”

“You were confident,” Shade said. “That’s when they get you.”

“He slipped out of my grasp,” Prometheus said. “Managed to knock me out before I knew what was what. Turns out everyone thought I’d been the guy who killed the mayor. That’s when my secret identity got out. Thankfully, I hired the best damn legal team the city’d ever seen.” He laughed, shaking his head. “Looked for that guy for a long time. Never did find him again. Heard all sorts of stories, got real close, but he was always a step ahead.”

“Some people just are,” Shade said. She poured a drink — this one for herself. “What happened to him?”

“Cancer,” Prometheus said. “Sort of a shame, really. Left a lot of unfinished business behind. Had a wife and kid.”

“What happened to them?” Shade asked.

“I don’t know,” Prometheus said. “I only visited once, after White Tiger died. Left my number with the girl, in case she ever needed help. But she never called.” He thought about her, sometimes. “Guess she never needed to.”

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One comment on “A Worse Idea 3

  1. Wrote this a while ago. Didn’t realize I was putting up a post about cancer for Christmas…


    Happy Holidays?

    Merry Christmas?


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