Thanks For Reading!

That’s the end of Book 1! Hope you’ve enjoyed what you’ve read. If you have (or even if you haven’t — I’m ready for your Haterade), please consider leaving a rating or review on Web Fiction Guide. Even just a star rating can mean so much. Alternatively, you might consider voting for the serial of Top Web Fiction.


Beginning of Book 2

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2 comments on “Thanks For Reading!

  1. Are you really ready for the haterade?

    Kidding, I mostly liked it. The characters are fun and interesting, and the story pulls me in. I like the glbt elements, the brief politics, even the coarse behavior from character types that are generally not portrayed that way.

    The bad? Bite size posts can sometimes come off as disjointed, especially when you get several paragraphs one post and only a couple sentences in another. I’d really like to see a set minimum on word count per post. The story can be a little scattershot sometimes, but fleshing out the posts would help with that.

    Basically, I feel that this is a great first draft, and I would definitely buy the books, once you have added several thousand words building on the characters and plot lines that have already been established.


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