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A Bad Idea 155

Anne sat at the bar, drinking a lemon drop, trying desperately to hide her discomfort. She failed, but it’s not like anyone could blame her. She was, after all, sitting next to Wild Whip, one of the most uncomfortable people in the history of ever.

“So I find this guy who took my whip, right? And I hit him in the face.” Whip let out a sort of cackle, slapping her bare knee, which was bare because she was wearing short shorts. She took a sip of whatever it was she was drinking. She didn’t really know what she was drinking, but it didn’t matter, because it was cheap and got her drunk.

“Yeah, um, wow?” Anne said, eyes roving desperately to find her friend. “That’s really… interesting. Yeah. Interesting.”

She hoped Shade could get her out of this immensely awkward situation, or at least converse with the two of them so that Anne wasn’t left alone with Whip. But that wouldn’t work, because Shade was busy serving a whole bar filled with people. It was like every ex-vigilante in town had heard about this place.

Wild Whip’s voice darkened as she said, “You know something though, I never did get back at the person who originally stole the whip.”

“Interesting,” Anne said. Out of nerves, she finished off the rest of her lemon drop. Then she regretted that, because she had nothing to do with her hands. She just sat there, fearful.

“I think I know who did it,” Whip said, looking at Anne pointedly.

“You do?”

“Yeah,” she said, “but I’m not going to press charges. In a way, they remind me of me when I was younger.”

Anne knew she should be comforted by all this, but in all honesty nothing comforted her when it came to Wild Whip.

“You mean because the thief stole things?”

“Exactly,” Whip said. “If I’m being honest, I stole a lot of things in my day. So this thief? She shouldn’t worry. I’m letting her off the hook, this time.”

Anne didn’t relax, but then again Whip didn’t really care. She finished off her drink, slammed it on the table, and got off the bar stool.

“Let your friend know that I’m paying for these drinks with your money.” Whip smiled. “See you some other time, Genius.”

As Whip walked away, Anne sighed.

See Whip again? she thought. I sure hope not.

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