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A Bad Idea 154

Over the next couple of months, Shade got busier. That made a lot of sense, seeing as how the bar she worked at had gotten a lot busier.

Before, it’d been a simple gig. Guests staying at the Sea Breezes hotel would walk over to the bar. They would order a drink or two, then realize they were at a sad, dead bar. So they’d either head back to their rooms, or go down to the beach.

A change in management had led to a change in the dead atmosphere. There were many improvements — one of the most notable being changing the name of the bar from Valiant (seriously, who’s valiant in a bar? How many drunk people know what the word ‘valiant’ means? Have you ever gotten properly sloshed and then tried to say the word ‘valiant’? It probably comes out like “vooshzamooshlala” or something) to Booze By The Sea (now that’s a good name, because it’s very clear. If someone’s like, “Hey, where’s that bar again?” Their friend can be like, “Well, I’m going to have to guess it’s by the sea, seeing as how that’s right in the name of the bar.” And then if that someone’s a real idiot and is like, “What do we do in that bar? What is a bar? What does that place serve?” The friend can be like, “Booze,” though really, the proper way of handling that situation would be never talking to that someone again, because they’d have to be real stupid to ask a stupid question like that.)

This all explained why Stanley smiled, when he checked in on his bar to see that things were going so well after the renovation.

“What’s that?” you ask. “Stanley? Wasn’t that guy a janitor the last time you saw him?”

Kudos, reader. Kudos. He had been a janitor!

But after Shade had paid him to disable The Super Buds’s security system, he’d put that money into penny stocks. The particular penny stocks he invested in happened to do very, very well. So well, in fact, that he’d bought the bar/hotel Shade had been working had, which had been so poorly managed.

Stanley grinned, thinking, I’m so fucking rich.

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