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A Bad Idea 152

Empress Melixxandra’s ship had gotten a bit cramped. Just as she, Olivia the Intern, and The Golden Man were passing Triangulum II (way past Pluto, but if you hit the Pavo-Indus supercluster you’ve gone too far), The Golden Man said, “I feel a yearning.”

“Interesting,” Melixxandra said. “Tell me more.”

“Back on Earth,” The Golden Man said.

“Ugh,” Melixxandra said. “Haven’t we had enough of that planet for a while?”

“There’s a girl there,” The Golden Man said, “She’s missed space so much. I didn’t realize how much, until I felt her emotions all the way out here.”

“On the one hand, I don’t really care,” Melixxandra said. “On the other, I could use another intern. What do you think, Olivia?”

“I did not buy enough coffee for this trip,” she said, “so I wouldn’t mind going back to get more.”

Melixxandra smiled, and so Olivia turned the spaceship around.

A week or two later, their spaceship picked Emma up. She was so surprised, to be among these people. She immediately accepted their offer, and went into space.

All The Golden Man could think about was how complicated human emotions could be.

He was still confused about Shade. Had she murdered Ricky, or had she murdered others, and only been involved in Ricky’s murder?

He’d thought he knew, but now? Well, he figured he’d never know.

Emma’s thoughts were rather different.

Flying through space with a fellow intern by her side, she thought, This is even better than Space Jam.

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