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A Bad Idea 146

“ohgod, ohgod, ohgod,” Anne said. “Self defense. This was self defense, right?”

“You shot him with a harpoon,” Shade said, the two of them standing over David’s corpse. “That’s gonna be hard to explain.”

“It was self defense!” Anne said. “He was crazy, and he kept saying he was going to hurt you, and what about the Stand Your Ground Law? Does that only apply to racists?”

“He’s Galactic Man’s son,” Shade said. “We both have records. A trial like that doesn’t end well.”

“Shit!’ Anne whispered. “Shit! Shit! Shit!”

Shade sighed. “I know how to handle this. It’s not exactly a new situation.”

“Fuck! Shit. Ohmygod.”

Shade grabbed Anne’s arms. “We’ve got this, do you understand?”

Anne was sweating, She was shaking her head back and forth. Shade moved her head to meet Anne’s gaze. Their eyes locked.

“We’ve done this before,” Shade said. “David was a problem, but he’s dead now. I’m going to transport the body somewhere safe. You still have bleach?”

“Yeah,” Anne said.

“Alright.” Shade let go of Anne’s arms. “You see? We’ve got this.”

A knock on the door.

“Shit,” Shade said.

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