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A Bad Idea 142

“David, you have to calm down,” Anne said. “I’m sorry all this bad shit has happened to you, but you can’t let it make you freak out like this.”

“Because you were so good at dealing with grief?” David spat, turning around to face her. “After your parents died, how many hare-brained schemes did you come up with?”

While Anne and David argued, Shade tried to stay as still as possible, covered in the shadow. She couldn’t leave Anne like this, but she sure as shit didn’t want to be there.

“Weird androids and fucked-up drones,” David said. “But we let you get away with that, because you were grieving. But then you fucked up too much, and we couldn’t let you grieve anymore. We had to take you out. I had to take you out.”

“I did my time,” Anne said.

“Only because the government wanted you out here, coming up with weird shit they could use in the Middle East!” David yelled.

“What, do you wish they’d thrown me in jail and locked the key? I built a robot that wrecked a couple of buildings. It’s not like I killed anybody.”

“You could’ve.”

“I didn’t!” Anne said. “That’s what matters. I didn’t. I’m not a bad person!”

“Well, Shade is,” David said, turning away from Anne. He moved towards Shade.

“Don’t!” Anne ran towards David, gauntlet raised.

“I’m not afraid of your toys, Anne. I’ve dealt with them before, and I’ll deal with them again.” David grabbed Shade by the arm, pulled her off the floor.

Anne grabbed David’s neck with her gauntlet hand. The gauntlet was a big, ugly looking thing. It applied an immense amount of pressure to David’s neck. But he wasn’t going to let go of Shade.

He refused to let go of Shade.

“Let her go.”

“She,” David managed to squeeze the sentence out of his throat, “killed.”

Anne started tearing up. Shade could see it, but David couldn’t, since his gaze was focused on Shade.

Anne let go just a little bit, in a moment of weakness.

That was all David needed. He slammed Shade back onto the floor while he rolled over. The roll took Anne, swung her over his back, and led to her back slamming onto the floor in front of him. She let go of the harpoon in her hand.

Both Shade and Anne lay there, afraid.

David got up, ready for more.

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