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A Bad Idea 138

Shade and Anne sat in Anne’s dorm, bumming around, not sure what to do, or what they wanted to do.

Things had been so rough recently. Shade ran her fingers through her hair, remembering the bloodshed in her past: the aftermath of the robbery-gone-bad, the stuff she thought about late and night when all she wanted was to fall asleep.

She’d always feel bad, but shouldn’t she? She didn’t realize just how much it’d affected her, but The Golden Man had seen all that guilt in her.

She tried shaking off the thoughts. Turned towards the window frame, hoping to find something better to think about.

She didn’t find something better to look at.

“Fuck,” she muttered.

“What?” Anne asked.

She turned towards the window frame, too. Her eyes widened.

David levitated. His eyes looked crazed.

He burst into their room.

Anne screamed.

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  1. Hope everyone’s having a Happy Thanksgiving!


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