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A Bad Idea 137

David walked across the courtyard towards IVA South.

There was no foot traffic, meaning it’d be hard to get into the building without looking suspicious (again). He sighed, looking at the locked door. He craned his neck, letting his head turn back as he looked up at the sky.

He let out a long, deep sigh. Then he realized the dorms all had windows.

His feet left the ground. He rose higher and higher, looking through windows.

The scenes flashed before his eyes, then quickly got discarded for being irrelevant: four kids sitting in a circle, passing a dubie, one of them on his guitar while the other three seemed to nod their heads in appreciation; kid passed out on the floor, butt-naked from the night before (seriously, kid, get your life together); kid with frazzled hair desperately trying to understand his Calculus textbook (why try, when you know you’re going to fail?); two kids having morning sex in front of an open window, because college kids are equal parts horny and stupid.

A couple kids looked back at him, but they didn’t pay too much attention. Superpowers weren’t all that uncommon on the campus.

The cops should have been keeping tabs on him. But they didn’t let the general public know how dangerous David was, on account of not wanting to tip off his father.

Even worse, the people who’d been assigned to keep tabs on FAU (which seemed like a likely place for David to show up) had gotten distracted by some trouble downtown.

As it turns out, some guy called Memento had been collecting metahuman mementos (get it?). Once he’d gotten all these things — Wild Whip’s whip and Merchant Mariner’s boat included — he’d gone on a bit of a rampage. That’s what he was doing, and just about every cop and metahuman was busy dealing with his antics.

That’s why no one was there to stop David.

It didn’t take him long to find the room either. It was the one with the broken window. Shade sat on the couch, looking at Anne with love in her eyes. Then she turned towards the empty window frame.

Shade’s eyes filled with terror. David rushed towards her.

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