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A Bad Idea 136

Eventually, a Freshman made her way into the elevator. She was a little surprised to see David standing there, but he smiled.

“Forgot my key,” he said.

She smiled back. “What floor you live on?”

He believed in the smile. It distracted him. “Better question is, what floor do you live on?”

She rolled her eyes, then looked at him. “Seriously, what floor do you live on?”

“The second,” he said.

She pushed the button. They ascended one floor. As he got out, he turned to look at her.

Her hands stayed on her hips. The elevator doors closed.

He sighed, walking down the halls. Each door had the names of the people who lived there — cute little pieces of paper that had been cut by OLs and put on people’s doors. Some of the names were traditional, like Sean, Brittany, and Clarke. Some were less conventional, like Guava and Moxie Crimefighter (sounded like the parents of that second one were pushing their kid in a certain direction, right?)

He made his way through the halls, but didn’t find Anne’s name.

So he took the stairs, which didn’t require a key, and found himself on the third floor. Making his way past door after door, he started getting tired.

That was the problem with having to find the enemy: by the time you found them, you might be tired. Made it too easy to lose.

No luck on the third floor, so he took the stairs to the fourth.

Wandering down the halls of the fourth floor, he began to wonder why Shade would’ve killed Ricky. The answer had seemed pretty simple: she’d killed Ricky to protect Anne. But Ricky couldn’t have done anything that bad to Anne, could he have?

The whole thing seemed odd, and why should he trust The Golden Man, anyway?

He tried shaking off the thoughts, but he couldn’t. Anne didn’t live on the fourth floor of the building, but he wondered if he was close.

Did she live in IVA South, as opposed to IVA North?

He took the staircase down, determined to find out.

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