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A Bad Idea 135

David wanted to play it cool until he could find Anne. If he made a mess of things early, he figured that would give Shade a chance to escape his wrath.

So he stood outside the door — the door for which he didn’t have a key.

It wasn’t even a legit door with a legit key thing. It needed a fob.

So he reached into his pocket to take out his phone. He’d hoped to look inconspicuous, like he was just texting or whatever. But his phone wasn’t in his pocket.

He figured he must’ve lost it at some point — in the hospital, or in that girl’s dorm room, or whatever.

He was way too close to the door. It looked conspicuous.

He backed away a little bit, pretending like he’d dropped his keys.

Some girl was walking towards the door, but she was far enough away that it was going to take her a minute to get there. So he scratched his head.

He was really pissed off he had to go through the motions, but he needed to find Shade no matter what. And finding Shade meant finding Anne.

He looked over at her sort of awkwardly. Which led her to look at him sort of awkwardly. He bent down and pretended to tie his shoe.

Eventually, she went through the front door. He followed.

She gave him a ‘wtf’ look, but he ignored it. She opened the door to the staircase. He walked towards the elevator. He pressed the button, calling it.

When he got inside, he pressed the button. Decided on the fourth floor, because he had no fucking clue and he had to start somewhere.

He pressed the button, but it didn’t do anything.

“Why?” he muttered.

He pressed the button a couple more times, but it wouldn’t even light up. Then he saw what looked like a key fob swipe-y thing. As the elevator doors closed, he realized he needed a key to make the elevator move.

“What the fuck,” he muttered, as the doors closed on him.

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