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A Bad Idea 134

When David got to campus, he realized he was being faced with a terrible problem: figuring out where the hell Shade lived.

He stopped flying — landed at the edge of campus.

He knew where Anne lived, sort of. Ricky had told him that she lived in… Heritage Park Towers? No, that was someone else he’d known. Glades Park Towers? That sort of rang a bell, but he realized that might only be because it sounded a lot like Heritage Park Towers.

Christ, David thought. There are a lot of parks on this campus.

He tried to remember where Anne lived, because if he found her, he could ask her where Shade was. Probably violently, but he’d deal with that when he got there.

He was suddenly reminded of the time he’d hit on Anne, back in high school. He found it odd he’d remember that, then — he hadn’t thought about that in a long time.

He shook the thought off when he found a campus map.

“Heritage Park Towers, Glades Park Towers, Innovation Village Apartments North, Innovation Village Apartments South…” he mumbled, finger sliding across the glass covering the campus map.

The map was fucking confusing. David was doubly pissed off because he couldn’t even figure out where he was in relation to it.

He balled his fingers into a fist, raised his arm to pound the thing.

But he stopped himself. That wasn’t a smart thing to do. He had to stop feeling so cloudy.

He made his best guess as to where Anne was: Innovation Village Apartments North. It was pretty close by, so he walked in its direction.

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