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A Bad Idea 132

David sat in the back of the cop car, wanting to say something. The problem was figuring out what exactly he could say.

He opened his mouth. No thoughts came out. No sound, either. He closed his mouth.

He craned his neck and looked behind him. A cop car, following this one.

The cop in the front seat tried to stay cool. He saw David looking around, getting suspicious. But the kid didn’t necessarily know what was going on, he figured.

The cop wanted to call his partner. But that couldn’t happen, without letting David figure things out for sure. So he drove the car, watching.

David was so pissed off. He couldn’t believe these cops could be fucking dumb enough to actually think he was the bad guy. He’d been a little confused recently, but he’d come back to life. He had every damn reason to be confused.

Life shouldn’t be so damn hard. People shouldn’t be so damn stupid.

“Officer,” David mumbled.

“Yeah, kid?” The officer tried to hide the fear in his voice; he failed.

“You’re a fucking idiot.” David slammed his foot into the officer’s seat.

The officer’s head fell onto the steering wheel. He blacked out.

As the car began to veer off the road, David bashed his elbow through the cop car’s window.

Wailing sirens from the second cop car.

David flew out of the window, knowing he should just try to escape. Assault on an officer was bad, but it could be fixed. It’d been an unlawful arrest, David told himself.

Was I arrested? David couldn’t remember. He thought the cop had arrested him, even though that wasn’t the case.

These cops were such damn idiots, though. One pulled out his gun and began shooting at him.

The bullets bounced off David’s skin.

Instead of flying away, he turned. The cop car had stopped. Everyone was panicking.

All because this cop was such a fucking idiot.

David glowered, flying back downwards.

The cop ran out of bullets. He began to feel fear.

David ripped open the cop car door.

The cop was reloading bullets when David punched through the window, shattering the glass. He grabbed onto the cop’s shirt, pulling him out of the car.

The glass, some of which was still attached to the window frame, scratched the cop. David didn’t care.

“Are you sorry?” David asked.

The cop’s face twisted into an expression of both confusion and fear.

David knocked the cop’s hat off, repeating himself loudly. “Are you sorry?”

Off in the distance, more sirens could be heard. The cop didn’t say a word.

David slammed the cop’s head into the car. The cop blacked out.

David flew away.

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