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A Bad Idea 123

David broke through the hospital window, glass shattering, shards spewing onto the sidewalk below.

Shade killed Ricky. She killed my friend, David thought. But why?

He flew.

He hadn’t realized he could do that, but he was so mad, he barely gave a damn.

It was his team that had died back there, when the portal to Hell had opened up. He should’ve known better than to trust a bitch who talked to demons.

But that was all over. The demon was gone, those loose ends all tied up. Ricky was the concern. He’d died. He needed to be avenged.

David soared above the night sky, looking down at the little cars. You couldn’t even see the people, at least not at that time of night. A plane took off from the airport. As it lifted off from the runway, he followed.

His anger began to dissipate; he was distracted. His mother had told him the story a million times — the story of how she’d met his father.

The Galactic Man vs. The Cloud Baron. His father and the Villain of the Week. They’d fought in the skies. His father won, as he often did.

And his mother saw it happen — just a glimpse of it, near the end. Galactic Man broke the Cloud Baron’s staff. Then he caught a glimpse of David’s mother.

He hoisted Cloud Baron on his back, flew towards Mom. Catching up to the plane, he flew next to her window for several minutes.

They gazed at each other, flying, weightless.

She wrote her number down on a piece of paper. Held it up against the plane’s window.

Galactic Man memorized the number. The next week, they were on a lunch date, laughing, loving.

Which explains why David felt the need to fly up to the window. Truth be told, his life had been so easy for so long. His father was powerful, rich. The family traveled all the time, not worrying about much.

God, all he used to worry about was looking good and getting fucked. Wasn’t that what a man his age was supposed to worry about?

He looked through the airplane windows, found the prettiest girl. He flew up to her window, waved.

She’d already fallen asleep. When he realized, he knocked on the glass. No answer but a snore. They flew like that for some twenty, maybe thirty minutes. He hoped beyond hope she would see him, love him.

She just slept.

He wasn’t worried about keeping up with the plane His body ached after a while, but hope could overcome it. Eventually he began to feel creepy. No one noticed him. After a while, he wondered if he even wanted to be noticed like this.

David stopped keeping up with the plane. He hovered, watching it sail away.

Do I really want to kill Shade? He wondered.

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