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A Bad Idea 108

“Cat really likes bagels,” Shade explained, pulling into the parking lot of Boca Raton’s #1 bagel place, Bagels And.

“Really?” Anne unbuckled her seatbelt.

“Really,” Shade parked the car.

“You two were close, once?” Anne said.

“I guess.”

Anne and Shade got out, took two steps, then realized the line to get a bagel literally started in the parking lot. Like, the line was actually that long.

“Wow,” Anne said. “A lot of people here like bagels.”

“You don’t like bagels?”

“No, I never said that. I like bagels. Just never went out of my way to get one, you know? Like, someone brings bagels to class? That’s awesome! That makes Anne one happy mad scientist.”

Shade cracked a smile. “Did you just refer to yourself in third–”

Anne blushed, then cut her off, “ANYWAY, I like bagels, but I never really went to this shop.”

“Makes you about the only person in Boca who hasn’t, apparently.”

Much to their surprise, though, the line moved rather quickly. Which was great, because seriously this line was fucking long.

“What’d you and Cat do?”

Shade opened her mouth, then closed it, remembering all the good times they’d had.

“You guys are a couple years apart, right?”

“She was a Freshman in high school, I was a Senior,” Shade said.

“Why would a Senior even talk to a Freshman?” Anne asked. “High Schoolers are superficial — literally classist assholes. That’s a fact. You can take it to the bank, put a ring on it. You know. But I don’t. What was I asking? Right. Why would a Senior–”

Shade stuck her hands out in front of her chest, indicating huge imaginary boobs.

“Wow,” Anne said. “You have a cat thing?”

“Uh.” Shade struggled not to laugh.

“A cat thing,” Anne repeated, unable to believe it. “A thing for cats. That’s fucking beastiality!”

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