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A Bad Idea 104

It took a while, but Anne eventually made it out of her bedroom and into the main room. The room smelled like coffee and weed. A lot of both, actually.

“Shade?” Anne asked, noticing her friend standing up, doobie hanging from mouth, looking out the window.

Shade took a hit, blew the smoke out. “Hey.”

“I thought you went home.”

“Knew I couldn’t sleep, but didn’t want to keep you up. When’s the last time you saw Cat?”

Anne glanced towards the door, to make sure she’d locked it. Then she remembered that teleportation was a thing.

“Last I saw her was right before we went inside the embassy,” Anne said. “Why?”

“I texted her last night, but she didn’t respond. Went over to her dorm in the morning, but her roommate hadn’t seen her.”

“You know her roommate?”

“Only been over there once.” Shade coughed “The roommate seems to keep to herself most of the time. She says she didn’t see Cat.”

Anne sighed, crossing her arms. Too fucking early to be thinking about that bitch. “Maybe she got there after the roommate went to sleep, then got up super-early?”

“Cat loves to sleep.” Shade couldn’t help but smile. “Kinda like you, actually.”

Anne wanted to quibble. She kind of hated sleep — she just hated being awake a little bit more, unless the Internet was involved. When the Internet was involved, all bets were off.

“You’re worried about her?” Anne asked.

“I think we should look into this.”


“You have any friends on campus?” Shade asked.

Anne snorted.

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