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A Bad Idea 90

Shade teleported out of Anne’s dorm room just in time. Still, she felt woozy from all the weed and the guilt. She found herself among umbrellas and tables — an outdoor cafe. She stumbled, panicking. How could a world so weird, a world so wonderful, also be so terrifying? “Are you alright?” one of the […]

A Bad Idea 89

There’s one thing you have to know about Sheriff Bradstrom if you want to understand him at all: he fucking loved his job. Sure, it’d been fun being a cop in New York. But there, he mostly lived on the periphery of the big heroes’ lives. He’d be there for cleanup, crowd control, and the […]

A Bad Idea 88

Melissa Klaw lounged on the sofa, three hands on her torso, while the other three hung off the side. She tried getting into Mervyn King’s latest thrilling horror novel, Standing on the Shiny Mile of Carrie, but she couldn’t get into it quite as much as she had his others. Why was everyone in this […]

A Bad Idea 87

Several star systems away, on the planet Renflaxxx, many lightyears past Alpha Centauri (but if you hit Procyon B you’ve gone too far), Empress Melixxandra (or, as she was called by the Renflaxxxians, Emprexx Melixxandra) sat on the throne. It was, simply enough, a new La-Z-Boy, which had been imported from Earth after the last […]

A Bad Idea 86

“Alright,” Anne said, standing there, “I’m frozen. You’re a cop. There are two ambassadors staring at us in confusion.” “That’s, uh, right,” Superfreak said, trying desperately to get back into character, to become a cop again. But he was distracted by the knowledge that the getaway car had left without them. “You’re right, man. I’m […]

A Bad Idea 85

Shade knew she was confused. She stumbled away from The Golden Man, grabbing her head and muttering, “No, no, no.” The Golden Man looked different, scarier. She couldn’t have placed what’d changed, especially not in her current state, but his face had actually changed shape — just slightly enough to not be discernable consciously, just […]

A Bad Idea 84

It took Emma a couple minutes to find information about The Golden Man in the embassy’s databases. There were a couple reasons for this, but it all boiled down to the same thing: she hadn’t known what to look for. Her eyes darted back and forth, absorbing the information. First, The Golden Man wasn’t a […]