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A Bad Idea 96

The Renflaxxxian ship landed outside the Starbucks, cracking asphalt with its impact. A hatch opened up, allowing Emprexx Melixxandra to walk out of the ship and onto the parking lot.

She wore tall high heels, a thick corset, and one hell of a scaly hide.

“You’ve done well,” the Emprexx yelled, looking up at The Golden Man. “Your job is finished. Let these people go.”

The Golden Man stopped offering his face to the Sun. He turned his gaze downward, looking at the Emprexx with a countenance of arrogant disbelief.

“You’re the one I follow?” The Golden Man asked. “You’re a tyrant, a madwoman, you think of no one but yourself.”

Emprexx smiled. “I’m all of those things and more, The Golden Man. I wear my personality with pride.”

The Golden Man’s shine lost some of its splendor. He flew to the ground, kowtowing before the Emprexx.

As Anne some of the sadness and guilt and self-hate leave her body, she struggled through the tears to look up at Emprexx. After all of these people had crumbled before The Golden Man, how could the Emprexx have done otherwise?

Wiping away as much of the liquid as she could, she saw Emprexx. The Renflaxxxian looked so damn confident, so damn powerful.

Anne wanted that. She wanted to feel like she belonged in this world, like she meant something. Her whole life had been one downward spiral. Wouldn’t power stop that? Power was what she needed. Power, confidence, and style.

The Emprexx bellowed, “My apologies for this mishap, humans. It was my understanding that this weapon had been decommissioned. I understand the Renflaxxians have much to answer for.

“You’re,” the cop began, but stopped to sniffle. He continued, “You’re responsible for this thing? Well then, ma’am, I think you’re under arrest.”

The Emprexx burst into laughter. “Try putting me in those cuffs and I’ll tell the golden douchebag to kill you.”

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