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A Bad Idea 90

Shade teleported out of Anne’s dorm room just in time. Still, she felt woozy from all the weed and the guilt.

She found herself among umbrellas and tables — an outdoor cafe.

She stumbled, panicking. How could a world so weird, a world so wonderful, also be so terrifying?

“Are you alright?” one of the patrons asked.

Shade didn’t notice the question. What she did begin to piece together were her surroundings — a Starbucks, just outside the campus.

The Golden Man would be there, soon.

Anne and Superfreak, meanwhile, drove the Fleminicki ambassador’s car back towards Anne’s dorm, back to FAU.

The car was an odd thing, not so much because of the make (Chevrolet), but because of the weird bumper stickers that littered it.

Anne had been particularly disturbed by the one sticker that read, “Fucked by a Dingo.” It lay right under the passenger door’s handle, and she’d almost touched the damn thing.

Still, the two of them didn’t talk about that, because they had bigger fish to fry.

“I can’t believe Cat left us high and dry,” Anne said.

“Yeah, Superfreak replied. “It seems pretty, uh, shitty, I think. But we don’t know what her motives were, you know?”

“I’m pretty sure I know her motive,” Anne said.

Superfreak spoke up again, trying in vain to cut off Anne’s thought, “We got out of there, anyway. That’s got to count for something, right?”

Anne ignored him, continuing, “Her motive is that she’s a big stupid douche.”

Meanwhile, The Big Stupid Douche (known in some kinder parts of the world as Cat) ran through the FAU campus, racing towards Anne’s dorm.

A window crashed — Anne’s window. Out of it flew The Golden Man, now radiating a light so powerful that it made him difficult to see.

“Fuck,” Cat muttered, as The Golden Man flew over her. She ran in his direction.

“You are all guilty,” The Golden Man said, voice vibrating with power. “You will all be judged.”

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