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A Bad Idea 89

There’s one thing you have to know about Sheriff Bradstrom if you want to understand him at all: he fucking loved his job.

Sure, it’d been fun being a cop in New York. But there, he mostly lived on the periphery of the big heroes’ lives. He’d be there for cleanup, crowd control, and the occasional alien invasion.

But here, as the Sheriff of Palm Beach County? Well, here he was a big honcho, living with all the other superheroes who had now retired. Now, he was the guy you went to if you wanted to keep that goddamned cape on.

So, he smiled when Louis and Matt walked into the police office, looking for help regarding The Golden Man.

Sure, Louis made a regrettable-if-intellectually-interesting Lord of the Rings pun centering around the etymology of the word sheriff (because a sheriff was someone who looked over a ‘shire,’ aka a county, seriously there’s a wikipedia page look it up for yourself if you don’t believe me). That was pretty awkward for all involved.

But these guys were heroes, the sort Sheriff Bradstrom never would’ve been able to interact with back in New York.

So, he told Louis and Matt that the police would find The Golden Man, no matter what.

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