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A Bad Idea 80

Anne didn’t have to pretend to be frazzled. For the last several days she hadn’t slept, preparing the tech required for the info heist. It was strange stuff, currently unproven stuff, the stuff you only could’ve invented under the influence of an excessively unhealthy amount of caffeine, with the hours flying by and you not even noticing.

Her hair was disheveled. She hadn’t showered in days. Her eyes looked red, and she blinked a bit too often. Her right fist was closed.

Moglethorp, who was in charge of the front desk of the alien embassy, was rightly disturbed. He almost never had to deal with anyone visiting the embassy. He was surprised to see anyone here, much less a nutjob. Two nutjobs in one day, now that he thought about it.

“Hello, ma’am,” he said, sitting up his chair. “How might I help–”

“Is this alien technology?” she asked a bit too loudly, opening her right fist and revealing a small metal ball. The ball levitated in the air.

“No,” Moglethorp said, standing up, with slow movements. His tone was hushed, like the ball was a dangerous animal that needed capturing. “Where’d you get that?”

“Well,” Anne said, still rather loud, “I was on Reddit the other day, in one of those weird subreddits, ohgod I can’t remember the name of it, it’s the one where they deal with like AI and nuclear weapons and–”

At that moment, Superfreak kicked down the front door to the embassy (which was like super unnecessary the thing had a handle for a reason).

“FREEZE!” he yelled. He wore a cop outfit. In one hand he held a fake gun, in the other, a fake badge.

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