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A Bad Idea 75

The plan was simple: ask One-Eyed Jack who wanted The Golden Man.

The problem? Shade had… difficulties with honesty.

“You didn’t steal the statue?” One-Eyed Jack asked, standing on the beach. Shade was alone with him, so as to not scare One-Eyed Jack off.

“He wasn’t a statue,” she said.

“That a problem?”

“That wouldn’t’ve been a problem,” she said, lying, “if he hadn’t been able to escape. He knew he could move, we didn’t. We got him into the trunk, but he fought us off when we took him out of the trunk.”

“Yeah,” One-Eyed Jack said.

“You knew he moved?”

‘Yeah,” One-Eyed Jack.

“So you’re a douchebag,” she said.

“A rich douchebag.”

Could’ve just said douchebag, Shade thought.

“You willing to say who wanted the ‘statue’?” she asked.

“No,” One-Eyed Jack said. “You know I can’t rat on a client.”

“How about I buy you a bottle of Johnnie Walker?”

“I’m insulted that you think I can so easily be–”

“Two bottles.”

“Sounds fair,” One-Eyed Jack said.

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