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A Bad Idea 69

The Golden Man took a drag off the pipe, cherrying the weed, getting the smoke in his lungs. He coughed as it came out.

“So you have lungs,” Anne said. “One set or multiple?”

The Golden Man held Anne’s gaze. “I’m not sure, but now I’m curious.”

He passed the pipe back to Shade, who gladly took a hit.

The six of them were in Anne’s living room: Anne, Shade, Cat, Emma, Superfreak, and The Golden Man. Anne, Shade and Cat sat on Anne’s sofa, with Shade taking the center spot. To the right of the sofa was the kitchen, where Emma had her head in the fridge looking for something to eat or drink, while Superfreak leaned against the wall to the left of the sofa, just sort of nodding his head and smiling. The Golden Man stood next to Superfreak, his body stiff but his countenance receptive.

“You have any theories?” Shade asked.

“No,” Anne said. “Biology isn’t really my specialization. Superfreak, do you have any thoughts?”

He shook his head, smirking, “No, man. Science isn’t really my thing.”

“Really?” Anne said. “That’s weird, because like a couple days ago you were calling yourself Doctor Ma– You know what, nevermind.”

“Who wanted to steal me?” The Golden Man asked. All eyes turned towards Shade.

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