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A Bad Idea 54

“Been a weird week,” Anne said, sitting on her couch, holding a cup of coffee.

“Yeah,” Shade said. “You killed a guy, cracked a safe, we got chased by a demon, the demon blew up.”

“Yeah,” Anne said. “And I found a reporter in my bathroom.”

“And that,” Shade said, taking a sip of her own coffee. “And you slapped someone in the face with a dildo. I really regret having missed that.”

“You should,” Anne said, hand shaking a bit as she took another sip. “It was so great. I just don’t know what to make of it, though. I don’t know what it’s all supposed to mean.”

“What it’s supposed to mean?”

“What it’s supposed to…” Anne put down her coffee cup, the better to gesticulate about her confusion, “mean.

“Means we live in a weird world filled with weird things.”

“Yeah, but that’s not a meaning. Or at least, it’s not the meaning I’m meaning.” She gesticulated even more, sort of moving her arms up and down in a way that she imagined might carry meaning. “I need some sort of closure, some way all of this connects. I need to know what this means.”

“Means you’re weird,” Shade said, taking another sip of coffee. “On the bright side you’re funny, in that I enjoy laughing at you. That’s all that matters, right?”

Anne made a sad face at Shade. “You’re mean.”

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