A Bad Idea 50

Anne felt like her heart was going to burst out of her chest, only to punch her in the face a couple times. She wasn’t exactly clear on why her heart would do that — or what biological mutations would be required to make such an act even remotely feasible — but in this anxiety-ridden state, logic wasn’t in control of her thought process

”Come in,” Anne told Shade, grabbing her arm and pulling her into the room.

“Don’t touch me,” Shade said, backing up a couple steps.

Anne shut the door. “Sorry, there were some reporters here earlier, but campus security got rid of them. I just want to make sure no reporters sneak in. This is so weird.”

“At least you don’t have to worry about people knowing you killed Rick.”

Anne knew that should make her feel better. Everyone thought Rick AKA The Exxterminator had been killed by the demon that had killed the rest of The Owls, which meant she was off the hook. But merely remembering that she’d–

No. That wasn’t right. It’d been in self-defense. That wasn’t murder, right?

“I can’t believe they connected this to gay marriage,” Shade said, with a sort of chuckle.

“I mean, a demon killing a bunch of people on the same day that gay marriage got passed is a big coincidence. And the church being protected from that explosion?” Anne said. “I get it.”

“Weird shit happens every day,” Shade said. “They were just looking for their excuse.”

Anne looked down on the floor. “Yeah. Fuck ‘em.”

“We’re not a couple,” Shade said. That’s what everyone on the news was saying, though. The demon had come from the portal and, after killing the members of The Owls, had apparently decided to come after the nearest lesbians.

“I know.”

“Why is the news saying we’re a couple?”

“I don’t know,” Anne said.

I wish we were, Anne thought, though she didn’t say it.

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2 comments on “A Bad Idea 50

  1. You are officially the George R.R. Martin of serials. The Owls are dead?! Is nothing sacred here?!


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