A Bad Idea 28

“Oh, what the fuck,” Whip said. A part of her wondered if she should run and get her whip before confronting the intruder, but nobody important would throw a rock at her window, so she decided against it.

Anne slid out from under the desk, peeking over at the opened doorway. All she had to do was walk through there, down a hallway, turn a corner. Then she could just walk out the door.

Couldn’t be too hard, right?

She imagined herself as a graceful gazelle, with powerful but silent limbs. The thought totally didn’t help her out, and she quickly realized that she should be moving more and thinking less.

She made her way to the doorway, while Whip walked out the door and around back — to where she figured the stone thrower might be.

By the time Anne had made it to the front door, she figured she was in the clear.

She figured wrong.

After a few moments of indecision, Whip’s girlfriend had decided to go outside and make sure Whip didn’t kill whoever was throwing the rocks at their window.

So Anne and the girlfriend both stood at the door, looking at each other in shock. The girlfriend took in a breath to yell for Whip. Anne panicked and grabbed the strap-on cock, which still sat right by the front door.

She smacked the girlfriend with it. The girlfriend fell to the ground, and Anne dropped the cock.

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4 comments on “A Bad Idea 28

  1. I am so, so proud of Anne. And also the obvious quality material that went into that dildo.


  2. Imma just pause here. Need to reevaluate.


  3. I love this story so much right now. This is hilarious.


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