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A Bad Idea 26

“–I had a dollar for every time I walked in on those two sodomizing each other, I’d have at least a hundred bucks,” Wild Whip said, walking into her house with girlfriend in tow. “Which would be nice, but wouldn’t even begin to cover the amount Matthew spent on condoms over the years. There’s a man who would fuck a tree just for the wood.”

“Uh, Whip?” the girlfriend said, picking up the dildo on the counter. “You left our strap-on at the front door.”

“You say that like it’s a problem,” Wild Whip said, kicking her head back and letting out a booming laugh. Just one room away, Anne could hear the keys jangle as Whip threw them onto her sofa.

“Of course you did that on purpose,” the girlfriend said.

Anne and Shade both hid under Wild Whip’s desk. They were all too close for friends, skin touching skin, Anne’s ear right next to Shade’s mouth. Shade’s breath was soft, slow, steady. In her hand she held the whip.

“I’m going to teleport out of here with the whip,” Shade whispered. “I’ll try and distract them. Do you think you’ll be able to make a break for it?”

“Sure,” Anne said, probably lying.

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