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A Bad Idea 25

“Wow,” Anne said, noticing how beautiful everything in Wild Whip’s den was. “I bet she’s had sex on that,” She pointed at the beautiful leather sofa. “And that,” she said, pointing at the massive fur rug that draped the floor.

Shade walked towards the room’s desk. Opened a small wood door, which hid a safe.

“Let’s cut to the chase,” Shade said. “She’s probably had sex on every flat surface.”

Anne nodded, taking her stethoscope off and looking at the safe.

It was a Hamliton safe. If you looked at their website, you’d seen that Hamilton Safe called itself, “The best made in America.” The site’s copy explained that, it manufactured the “toughest UL Listed steel plate and composite safes,” which were “designed to meet the highest security standards.”

Indeed, it was a damn good safe — one which most criminals would have a hard time breaking through. The problem was that most people didn’t have “the highest security standards.”

Before going through the long and grueling process of trying to deduce the safe’s combination through the way it sounded with each and every turn of the dial, Anne used the tryout combination.

Every safe had a tryout combination, and these combinations were well-known among the safe community.

“4-23-2-8-0,” Anne tried. The safe opened.

“Disappointing,” Anne said out loud.

“Too easy?” Shade asked with a smile.

The smile faded as the two of them heard the gentle click of the door opening.

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