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A Bad Idea 23

Shade and Anne sat in the car in front of Wild Whip’s house. It was two streets away from the downtown strip: close enough that a new car wouldn’t attract too much attention, far enough away that not so many people were around to actually notice the car.

They sat there, waiting.

“Who is she, anyway?” Anne asked.

“Wild Whip?”


“She was big, back in New York.”

“I don’t know much about New York superheroes.”

“Which would explain why you don’t know much about Wild Whip,” Shade said.


“Used to be a bad guy, actually,” Shade said. “Pulled a lot of daredevil stunts. Most of what she did was taunt superheroes to get into fights with her.”

“Enough to get noticed, but nothing too bad.”

“Right,” Shade said. “Ended up being Matthew Stevens’s arch nemesis.”

“Matthew Stevens being–”

“The guy whose wedding you attended,” Shade said. “Anyway, the two of them fought a lot.”

“What, they fell in love, she reformed, and they got married?” Anne asked.

“No,” Shade said. “They both realized they were gay, so they became friends, and she reformed. Then they got married.”

“To cover up the gayness,” Anne said.

“Yeah. They’re divorced now.”

“That makes sense,” Anne said, “seeing as how he’s married to someone else.”

“Hey, I don’t judge when it comes to polygamous relationships. They’re like polygons. I don’t entirely understand them, but I don’t have a problem with them, either.”

“So you’re comparing polygamy to shapes.”

Shade scrunched her face up. “Is that what polygons are?”

“Not exactly,” Anne began. “They’re actually plane figures that–”

“Stop,” Shade said. “Stop, before I find a high school bully and sic him on you.”

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One comment on “A Bad Idea 23

  1. It’s pretty funny realizing that these two more than likely wouldn’t have been friends in high school. Jail? Sure! But on the outside? Hell no. And now they’re practically besties!


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