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A Bad Idea 17

Anne noticed a lot of leather at this wedding. She didn’t think much of it, though, because she was too focused on how shitty her day had been.

She realized her day might get shittier when a hand grabbed her.

“Who are you?” the hand’s owner asked. Anne looked up and saw that the hand belonged to a lady wearing a leather jacket. She had an aquiline nose and long brown hair.


“What are you doing here, Anne?” the lady asked, her voice deep and booming.

“I know the bride.”

The lady’s face twisted for a second. Then she let out a shriek of a laugh.

“She and I–” Anne got flustered by the outburst.

“Deary, you have no idea where you are,” the lady said. “But that’s alright. If you’re that ignorant, you can’t be dangerous. Go and get free liquor, or food, or whatever you crashed this wedding to get.”

Anne felt uncomfortable as the lady walked off. She looked over towards the bar, which Shade was tending.

She walked over.

“Surprised to see you,” Shade said, a hint of tension in her voice.

“Sorry,” Anne said. “Had a bad day. I saw your car here and was hoping we could talk.”

Shade sighed.

“Should I leave?” Anne asked.

“No,” Shade said. Then she leaned in close. “That would look suspicious. Let’s just try and seem happy.”

Anne put on a fake smile, while Shade walked off and served another customer.

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