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A Bad Idea 12

Not much happened for the next hour. David spent most of his time in another room, calling people and asking about Ricky. Marja stayed in her bedroom, and Jeanine stayed with her.

That left Anne and Mud, sitting in the living room, watching a baseball game.

Anne wanted to plant her microphone somewhere, but to be completely honest, Mud had scared her shitless. Anne was worried she’d snap her neck, or drown her in mud, or shove her face through the TV screen, or something equally gruesome.

Still, Anne tried to figure out a gameplan while she watched the baseball game.

Under the couch seemed like the best bet. It wasn’t likely that a mic would get noticed there. It also wasn’t likely to get crushed.

She reached over and grabbed a handful of popcorn sitting in a bowl on the table. Ate most of it somewhat quickly, then dropped the few remaining pieces on the floor.

“Shit, sorry,” Anne said, getting on her hands and knees.

“Damn right you’ll clean up after yourself.” Mud laughed, then shook her head. Anne couldn’t say she had any idea what was going on with the baseball game, but it kept Mud plenty distracted, so that was good.

Anne took out the miniature microphone, which had a bit of tape wrapped loosely around its base. She gently unstuck the tape, then stuck the microphone to the underside of the couch.

“Found it,” she said, gathering the popcorn and popping one piece into her mouth.

“You’re eatin’ it after it touched the floor?” Mud said. “That’s nasty.”

“I’ve fought superheroes,” she said. “Bacteria isn’t the greatest threat to my life.”

Before Mud could respond, David charged into the room. There was the briefest moment of silence, when a lot of things seemed possible. The concern in David’s face indicated it couldn’t be anything good.

“You,” he said, pointing at Anne.

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