A Bad Idea 10

It wasn’t what Anne had expected.

If you’d asked, she couldn’t have told you exactly what she’d expected. But whatever it was that she’d been expecting, she was certain that this wasn’t it.

There weren’t any supercomputers around. No noticeable security system or even guard dog. The place seemed normal — which made it vulnerable.

The vestibule opened into the living room, where a lady was watching sports.

“This is a party?” Anne asked.

“Yeah,” David said. “Why?”

“Doesn’t seem…” In that moment, Anne realized that she didn’t really know what she was talking about. She didn’t get invited to many parties, you see. Being the chick who built the giant death mech had put a bit of a damper on the whole ‘having friends’ thing.

But still, it all just looked so normal.

“We’ve got booze, weed, and as soon as the game is over I’m going to turn on obnoxiously loud music. So yeah, it’s a party,” the lady sitting on the couch said. “Mud,” she said, raising her hand up to shake Anne’s.

Mud’s hand was big, like the rest of her: the size came half from muscle and half from fat. Either way, Anne knew she could kick ass. Anne’s, specifically.

“Your friend’s cheeky,” Jeanine said, giving Anne the once-over.

“What’s–” Anne began to say.

But David said, “Jeanine, would you check on Marja?”

Jeanine sighed. “Sure.”

She walked out of the room, leaving Anne, David, and Mud.

“What do you do?” Anne asked Mud.

“Whatever I need to to kick your ass,” she said, not taking her eyes off the television screen.

“Charming,” Anne said.

“Ricky still hasn’t called?” David asked.

“No.” Mud took a sip of beer.

“That’s strange,” David said. “Not like him.”

“Yeah.” Anne brushed her fingers through her short red hair. “Strange.”

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4 comments on “A Bad Idea 10

  1. The opening lines on this part actually sum up my thoughts quite well… this wasn’t exactly what I expected, but then I’m not sure what I was expecting anyway. So Anne’s been invited to a party for an alien she killed in what seems like it might have been an accident, but she has a bad history (relative to the people around her) such that I’m thinking that sort of explanation might not float. Huh. … Aren’t there snacks? It feels like if there’s weed, there should be snacks.

    Did Anne actually dispose of her clothes? I think she said she was going to do that last. Also, I’m guessing you meant to attribute the last dialogue there to David, since Ricky is apparently not in the room, but this is all still somewhat surreal in my mind.


    • Another catch, thanks!

      (Possibly Not-So-Fun-Fact about me: once as a student, I gave an entire speech on Hamlet, saying “Hamlet” every time I meant to say “Shakespeare,” and “Shakespeare” every time I meant to say “Hamlet”. It… did not go well.)


  2. Oh, she’s got red hair. I don’t really know what people look like, but I think already gave myself an idea, so reading that tidbit threw me. I’ll adjust accordingly and everything, but I have a better sense of what they’re wearing than their faces. Jeanine and Shade could be Korean and I couldn’t prove otherwise. 😛


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